Land Beautification Specialists


 Who should use Brush Eater Services?
- Foresters
- Homeowners/Farmers
- Real Estate Brokers and Agents
- Land Developers
- Advertising Agencies
- Fence Installation Companies
- Hunting Clubs
- Roadside/Right-of-Way Maintenance
- Disaster Cleanup

Brush Eater specializes in fuel reduction for fire prevention as well as habitat restoration for Red Cockaded Woodpeckers on US National Forests. We currently have contracts with the National Forests in both Florida and Louisiana to provide these services forest wide.

Home owners
The sale of your property often represents years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Everyone wants the greatest return on their investment possible. Did you know that making your property visible and easy to walk through for prospective buyers actually increases the real value of your estate? Has part of the property been overgrown in the past few years? Do all those briars, thickets and scrub hide the beauty of the creek at the back of the property? Have pine trees taken over your pastures making them unattractive to potential buyers? Doesn’t it make sense to invest a little bit now to receive a higher return at closing? The statement we most often hear from landowners trying to sell their property is the “I can’t afford to clean up my property until after it sells, but then it is too late.”

Brush Eater understands this problem and has the perfect solution. Have Brush Eater beautify your property so you can maximize the sale price and pay for Brush Eater services at the closing table. By taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity, you can truly increase the real value of your estate and reap the reward with no upfront cash out of your pocket. Call one of our representatives for details.

Real Estate Brokers and Agents
You know that your commission checks are a percentage of the final sale price. So it is in your best interest to get the best price for your client’s property that you can. Many times, the property is already picture perfect but for those listings that are overgrown and hard to navigate, please consider recommending Brush Eater to your clients to open up and beautify the land prior to or at the beginning of the listing.

Teach your clients about the benefits of land beautification before putting the property on the market. Encourage your clients to use Brush Eater and then make the arrangements with us for them. Your clients will respect and trust you more if they know that you are truly working to help them get the best price for their property that you can.

Brokers and agent benefit in two ways. First, when land has been cleaned by Brush Eater, your potential is better for a larger commission. Secondly, Brush Eater offers Brokers and Agents a referral commission for each closed property that we have serviced during the listing period. You will not find another company offering similar services that will provide you with such opportunities as Brush Eater. Call one of our representatives for details.

Land Developers
One of your goals as a developer is to turn your properties and make as much money as possible in the process. Whether that is simply selling lots or going through the entire process and building homes, you need to do what it takes to get the best price for your product. In regards to land preparation, the normal thought process of a developer is that “we are going to take down all the trees anyway, why would I want to clear out brush before hand?” The answer is easy. Vision. Many of your potential home buyers lack the vision to see what a piece of property will look like with that beautiful home unless they can walk around and see the property before hand. You will be able to attract a different and sometimes better clientele for your land as well as be able to ask a premium price for prepared land rather than raw. Do your homework and see for yourself what land prices do when the lots are prepared first. When you call, ask about our special deal for developers with new and beginning subdivisions. Let us demonstrate the value of our services for your next subdivision.

Advertising Agencies
Your clients pay good money to have you market their products and services on billboards and road signs. The best advertisement and marketing plan are not effective if the potential customers you are trying to reach cannot see them.

Use Brush Eater to maintain the line of sight to your billboards free of vegetation and trees. In addition to line of sight clearing, we can also open up those often rough trails leading to the billboards that you service agents need to travel.

Fence Installation Companies
You know how much you like having (or would like to have) a Dandy Digger to assist you with all those holes on a 10,000 ft job. Yes, they can help clear a basic fence line but they don’t do a good job going through thick brush, trees and understory that you customer wants their fence to go through.

Use Brush Eater’s services to quickly clean your overgrown fence lines before you begin the job. You will decrease the time you spend preparing the site for the job and significantly increase your profit margin on each job. Brush Eater can quote you the entire job so you can simply include this cost in your job quote.

Hunting Clubs
If you hunt, you have probably heard Murphy’s Law that says “The size of the buck is proportional to the size of the sapling blocking your shot.” How many times have you or your buddy missed that shot because you just couldn’t get a clear line of sight. Do you make too much noise and disturbance tromping through the brush and briars getting to you stand? Would you like to better influence daily travel patterns of your prey? Also, deer graze in areas dividing different type of cover. By removing undesirable growth, you can create improved feeding areas and visibility.

Use Brush Eater’s services to create hub and spoke shooting alleys from each of your club’s stands. Never miss the opportunity (you still have to make the shot) at your trophy animal. Clean out better paths for four wheeler trails and feed plots. If you are serious about your hunting, Brush Eater is the answer to improve your hunting opportunities.

Roadside/Right-of-Way Maintenance
This category is pretty much self explanatory. As vegetative growth overcomes road shoulders, there is a decrease in driving safety and increase in accidents involving animals.

This responsibility of roadside maintenance falls mainly to the local municipalities. Brush Eater encourages those who make decisions for these municipalities to evaluate using Brush Eater services as either a preventive maintenance measure or a more economical alternative to using in house maintenance crews.

Disaster Cleanup
Each hurricane season, the coastal regions of the US experience a number of devastating hurricanes that often leave behind months and years of cleanup work. This is an area that really can’t be prepared for by the typical homeowner until after the fact. But if you are reading this site, you are now aware of the services that Brush Eater provides and if the need arrives, we hope that you will recommend our services for your friends and neighbors and encourage them to call for assistance.


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