Land Beautification Specialists


The cost of land clearing varies greatly. Each project is assessed on an individual basis but the factors that influence bids are mainly dependent on the following:
1.  The number of acres to be cleared
2.  Tree type, size and density
3.  How accessible is the property
4.  What type of terrain i.e. Mountain slope or wetland
5.  The property location

Brush Eater strives to provide high quality service at market competitive pricing. Please remember that all prices listed below are average prices only and must verified as to the density of timber and subsequent ground conditions.

We can quote your job by the acre or by the hour.  We also have a variety of payment options that you can choose from depending upon your needs. 

Brush Eater provides a unique financing option for individuals that are preparing to sell or who are currently listing a tract of land or piece of property for sale.  If you and/or your situation qualifies, you will be able to pay for the cost of the services at the closing.  To ensure the automatic closing payment, Brush Eater (with your approval), will place a note on the property for the amount of the service and will receive payment in full at the same time that you receive payment for your sale.  This payment arrangement then allows the homeowner to pass a portion of the cost of beautification onto the new owner.

Machine Hourly Rate


0 – 100 hrs*

101 – 300 hrs

> 301 hrs

Takeuchi 150 - 100hp




Caterpillar 939 




Kershaw - 225hp (10ft wide)




Barko - 305hp (8ft wide) $400/hr $390/hr $375/hr

*minimum of 4 hours






Acre Rate

Beautification Clearing*


Light Brush/Timber (<3”)


Medium Brush/Timber (3-6”)




Complete Land Clearing*


Light Brush/Timber (<5”)


Medium Brush/Timber (6-10”)


Heavy Brush/Timber (>11”)


*minimum of 1 acre



**The per acre prices are subject to change dependent on the terrain topography of the land to be cleared.

Mr. Jones is a real estate agent that has a listing of 28 acres of undeveloped land for Mrs. Smith.  The property is an old hardwood stand that has been neglected for the past 8-10 years since her husband’s death.  Mrs. Smith has retired and has been depending on the sale of this property to fund a good portion of her second stage retirement nest egg.  Mr. Jones has listed the property at $7,500/acre but the listing has received only minimal interest. 

At the end of the four month listing, Mr. Jones decides that it is time to try a different approach and discusses with Mrs. Smith about the services of Brush Eater. He explains to her that she will not be required to pay for the service until the property sells.  This is very reassuring to her since she doubts that she would have the money to do so at the time.  After she agrees, Mr. Smith arranges for Brush Eater to provide a quote and begin work.  After 10 days of work, Brush Eater has transformed the overgrown hardwood stand into the open expanses of beautiful oak trees Mrs. Smith once had before her husband died. 

Mr. Jones relists the property but this time at $9,200/acre (almost 23% higher than previously listed).  He is pleasantly surprised at the number and quality of leads and soon receives an offer of $8,900/acre that Mrs. Smith is happy with. She is getting $1,900 more per acre than before.  The contract is made and the land is closed.  The table below shows two scenarios.  The first scenario (Column A) is if they received the asking price the first time the property was listed and the second scenario (Column B) is after the land has been cleaned by Brush Eater.

Mr. Jones has increased Mrs. Smith return by almost 7% or $14,488 without asking her to spend any money directly out of her pocket.  The cost was passed onto the new buyer.  She is very pleased with her real estate agent and doesn’t mind paying his commissions as she normally does when using agents in the past.  Mr. Jones also increased his commission check by 29% at the same time selling the property much faster.  Faster sales means Mr. Jones can effectively list and sell more properties in the same amount of time while increasing his bottom line profits.



Column A

Column B

Column C

Column D


Not using Brush Eater

Using Brush Eater Services

Net    Increase

Comparison (Column A vs. B)

Asking Price





Offer Price Taken





Gross Total at closing





Brush Eater Services





Real Estate Commission (6%)





Mrs. Smith Nest Egg





*includes referral commission







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