Land Beautification Specialists

How much land or how many acres can you clean in a day?
How fast or slow a piece of land can be cleaned really depends on how dense is the brush, how many trees that are going to be left are there to work around and the type of terrain that we are working on.  The average of most jobs fall in the large range of 2-6 acres a day, once again, depending on the factors above. Once we look at your property, we will be able to get you a better estimate.

What happens with the mulched trees?
What Brush Eater recommends is that the mulch be left on the ground.  There are great benefits to the property by reducing the potential for erosion, increasing the moisture holding ability of the soil and protecting the soil from sun and high temperatures.  Remember that the ground and subsequent soil has most likely not been exposed to the direct sun in a long time and having a layer of mulch protects the ground much like sun block does for the skin.  If you need for us to remove the mulch for driveways or house locations, we can move the mulch and you can use it elsewhere.

Will you leave the trees that I want?
Yes, of course.  We work around all “special” or desirable trees on most jobs.  We will also do our very best not to damage or touch those trees that you would like to keep.  If you would like, you can mark specific trees with colored tape to make sure they are left. 

Do you charge by the acre or by the hour?
The majority of time, we charge by the hours of machine operation.  It has been our experience that charging by the hour works out best for our clients.  We can give job quotes by the acre or a single price.  We will bid the job the best way we can for both of us.  It is amazing how customer’s desires change as they watch their land open up and they see their land sometimes for the first time.

How far do you travel to work?  Is there a charge for transportation?
We mainly work in the state of Georgia or in the neighboring states of Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana or Tennessee, though we do travel anywhere depending on the size of the job.  There are no transportation charges within 150 miles of Atlanta, GA.  Over 150 miles there is a transportation charge of $3.00/mile but that is also dependant on the size of the job.