Land Beautification Specialists

Brush Eater is a Georgia based company specializing in beautification and clearing of real estate from unsightly brush, thickets, undergrowth and scrub trees. Experience has demonstrated time and again that when prospective buyers can easily walk through and see the future potential of a track of land, the real value of the property increases and so does the subsequent sale price.

Brush Eater also clears right of ways for utility lines, performs billboards access maintenance, pre-construction clearing, forestry thinning, disaster clean up and hunting club improvements throughout the US. Brush Eater predominantly uses whole tree chipping/mulching which provides minimal ground disturbance while enriching the soil with a beneficial layer organic material on the ground which over time will help to improve soil conditions and improve future plant growth. Unlike traditional total clearing methods which leave exposed soil that encourages erosion, our clearing methods actually prevent erosion and sediment loss.

Brush Eater provides quotes by the acre and by the hour.  If you have a specific quote preference, we will work with you to accommodate your individual needs. Brush Eater strives to conduct all work in a timely manner and service your needs as if they were our own.

contact us (678) 794-6664 if you have any questions at all.